I'm a body made of skin and bones eighteen years strong with travel experience, but not nearly enough. I'm a bundle of emotions and unfinished writing projects. I type too much, but say very little and rarely get it all out.
Bear with me.

Tracey EminI Think it’s in My Head2002

Tracey Emin
I Think it’s in My Head

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7 Ingredient vegan cheesecakes / Recipe


Anonymous said: what is music supervision?

It’s basically overseeing the music/ playlists that are related to any visual media such as shows, movies, etc.

Anonymous said: where are you going? what's your major?

I’m going to the community college in my town. I’m just doing my prerequisites right now, but I planning on getting an Arts Degree and pursuing Music Supervision.

After five trips to the school, I’m finally registered in my classes and now have to wait until my financial aid goes through. It would’ve been nice to have some sort of heads up about the college applying process, but now I at least know that I can handle being the dark in these sort of situations. Thanks for the tip, High School.

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